Thank you ist auf jeden Fall eine grandiose Seite über die anstehende Oscarverleihung. Jeden Tag News, Informationen zu neuen „For your Consideration“-Postern, jede Menge Reviews, Vermutungen, der ganze Stoff, der diese Feier im Vorhinein schon zu etwas sehr großem wachsen lässt. Manchmal möchte man jeden Menschen dieser Crew einmal drücken, für diese bezaubernden Zeilen besonders:

The Lives of Others – One of the Best Films of the Year

The Lives of Others, the German Foreign Language entry may in fact be one of 2006’s very best offerings. If enough people see it, it could end up expanding beyond its foreign language category (it will most certainly be nominated) to perhaps screenplay (as Anne Thompson is predicting) and original score. If it were up to me, the actors would be nominated, especially Ulrich Mühe as the interrogator who grows a heart as a result of his surveillance of writer/actress couple. The Lives of Others tackles such weighty subject matter as freedom of speech, the primal need for human contact, creative inspiration, love, art – and, of course, the chokehold of fear when the truth threatens to bring down a misguided (shall we say) government.

The Lives of Others is a real threat to Volver for Foreign Language – it reminds me of when Amelie was up against No Man’s Land. Volver is a wonderful film though it isn’t Almodovar’s best. It already beat Volver at the Euro Oscars and will likely be the champion at the 79th. Just a heads up, Oscarwatchers.

Ein größeres Kompliment kann es für einen deutschen Film nicht geben. Worte, die einschmeicheln und einem furchtbar warm ums Herz werden lassen. Danke schön.

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