Pan(s)cakes for one

Oscar-Frühstück gefällig? “Film Experience” macht’s vor, ganz im Sinne des am Donnerstag gestarteten Fantasiedramas „Pan’s Labyrinth“. Die Wahl liegt nur noch zwischen dem Kopf des Faun, oder der Hand-Augen-Symphonie des Pale-Man.


Here’s how you make them. Get some pancake batter (that’s easy – I’m not typing up any recipe). Keep your griddle on medium – if it’s too low your batter will just spread and you won’t get good shapes. If it’s too hot it’ll cook too quickly as you’re trying to make shapes. Pour the base face first like you’re making a normal pancake … only smaller. Then pour the horns quickly and carefully. It requires some pretty expert wrist action so practice … (whip up extra batter)

For the tuft of hair and the beard I used coconut. You could also stick a knife in peanut butter and draw them on. If you find a way to make those spirally things above the raisin eyes, it’d be a pretty unmistakable Pan on your Panscake. That detail was too much for me.


The hand with the eye (courtesy of that grotesque Pale Man) is easier to make but harder to flip.

Start again with a tiny base pancake for the palm. Pour very tiny amounts of batter lengthwise so that the fingers will be all spindly. It looks freakier if you allow for mistakes. With Panscakes, the freakier the better. If you can find something bigger or more appropriate for the eye than the raisins I’m using here, more power to you. I had limited supplies in the kitchen.

In diesem Sinne “Happy Cooking”.


2 Responses to “Pan(s)cakes for one”

  1. 1 fernseherin Februar 25, 2007 um 10:31 pm

    Oh Mann, und dabei habe ich gestern doch Pfannkuchen gemacht. Muss ich dringend mal ausprobieren. Ich mache dann Tom Hanks, der sieht sowieso immer mehr aus wie einer. 😉

  1. 1 Pans Labyrinth « Die Fernseherin Trackback zu März 2, 2007 um 1:20 pm

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