Motto des Tages: Saufen, bis der Oger kommt

Christi Himmelfahrt? Nichts vor? Noch nicht müde und abgekartet? Nach dieser grünen Nacht werden Sie nicht nur blau, sondern sumpfgrasfarben sein und Pilzsporen ausspucken. Das offizielle „Shrek der Dritte“-Saufen-Game mit vielen Spezialfeatures bietet alles, was das Trinkerherz begehrt. Oger anschalten, Bierkasten stapeln, abzappeln. Unterstützung für die nicht jugendfreie Orgie powered by „Baltimore Metromix“. Ran an die Buletten:

Die Regeln:

Take a Sip When…

  • Donkey attempts a song
  • Mike Myers‘ Scottish accent wavers
  • The Big Bad Wolf is shown reclining at any point
  • There’s a slo-mo fight scene, despite the fact that „Matrix“ references stopped being hip seven years ago
  • Shrek eats something disgusting (Take a bonus sip if this is immediately followed by a fart joke)
  • Someone other than Shrek gets covered in something disgusting

Take One Drink If…

  • There’s a song by a middling, whitebread, Top 40 crooner (like John Mayer or James Blunt)
  • A specific celebrity is lampooned (pay close attention whenever the privileged princesses of Far, Far Away are onscreen—it’s prime Paris Hilton opportunity)
  • The Gingerbread Man loses a limb and/or gumdrop button
  • Prince Charming tosses his hair seductively

Take Two Drinks If…

  • There’s a duet by middling, whitebread, Top 40 crooners (John Mayer and James Blunt!)
  • Puss in Boots makes an oddly homosexual double entendre
  • The giant mutant Gingerbread Man returns
  • Princess Fiona appears in her „human“ form
  • The „American Idol“ gags from „Shrek 2“ are replaced by either „Deal or No Deal“ or „Dancing With the Stars“

Take a Shot If…

  • There’s a not-so-thinly-veiled jab taken at anything Disney (Walt Disney World, Disney executives, classic Disney characters)
  • The character „Artie“ (voiced by Justin Timberlake) threatens to bring sexy back
  • There’s another joke about Pinocchio wearing a thong
  • A reference is made to donkey/dragon sex
  • Anyone makes fun of the „Lord of the Rings“ and/or „Harry Potter“ franchises

Buy the Supersized Happy Deluxe Kid-Friendly „Shrek“ Meal If…

  • You have any lingering doubts that there’ll be a „Shrek 4″…and five…and, hey, why not, six…

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